The advantages of stainless steel

Generally, there are 4%-8% of lead in brass materials and brass faucet castings. If the faucet is out of use for a long time, green brass rust would appear inside the lining of the faucet, poisonous material such as lead will release into the water. Drinking lead contained water will cause lead poisoning, it not only influence the drinker’s intelligence development, but also badly affect their health, especially for children. According to scientific statistic, severe lead pollution could endanger people’s reproductive capacity, renal function and nervous system.
The development of science and technology make it possible to use the stainless material to make faucet in recent years. Stainless steel is a kind of healthy material which is internationally recognized, have the feature of lead-free, acid and alkali resistant, anti-corruption and would not release anything harmful, thus it is safety and healthy.

Green environmental protection

Stainless steel 304 faucet is hygienic, anti-rust, anti-corruption, stable and would not polluted the water source and damage people’s health. Though the brass faucet have antiseptic qualities, it will get rust. Brass faucet contain 4%-8% of lead, it will react with the air and water after long time use. Its lead contained will dissolve in the water and cause secondary pollution of the water source.

No planting

Dull polishing make the texture of the stainless steel faucet more smooth and cleaner, emphasized the luster of stainless steel itself, become more splendid. After long time using, it will not get rust both inside and outside, easy clean and last newly look forever. Comparatively, brass faucet only can get the same texture by plating. The plating layer is not durable, it will get rust for corruption after using for 3 to 5 years, what’s worse, it might falls off and can not renovate.

Easy maintenance

Brass faucet can not wash by cleaner and hard object for protecting the plating layer. Stainless steel material has good hardness, it is 2 times harder than brass material. Thus stainless steel 304 faucet is more convenient in cleaning. Only use the cleaners or steel wire brush can you make it beautiful as a new one. Even use the steel wire brush scrub it again and again, it will not damage the texture of the stainless steel faucet.


    The development of science and technology make it possible to use the stainless material to make faucet in recent years.
    Quality Service
    Professional OEM factory Specialized in export and OEM, not establish our own brand, can provide long-term quality service.
    The Advantage of Production
    Base 40,000m2 production base are under construction 500km away from Foshan, there will be a cost advantage.
    The Advantage of Raw Material
    Located in the biggest stainless steel distribution of China, Lanshi town, Foshan city, making us easy to get the raw material.
    The Advantage of Quality
    Carefully chose of stainless steel 304 and 316, refuse to use bad quality material such as stainless steel 303 and 201.
    The advantage of service 30 years of warranty for main part and 5 years warranty for accessories. Made to order service.


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